BEWARE: ZimbabweCurrencyCollectibles.Com Committing Fraud on a HUGE Scale

ZimbabweCurrencyCollectibles.Com Knowing Selling Fake Zim

Recently we have been contacted by a number of people who have attempted to purchase Zimbabwe Dollar currency from this site. 

Everytime the story is the same. The customer places the order, the Zimbabwe Dollars arrive and as soon as the customers open them they realize they are clearly fake notes. 

We placed a test order on their website to verify this for ourselves and sure enough the notes are clearly fake. They were scanned very poorly on a cheap scanner and printed on a home inkjet printer. From first glance the notes don't look right but as you look closer you can see that a cheap home printer creates pixels and the coloring as well as the look of the notes is just off. 

The seller does a fairly decent job of faking the gold seal at the bottom right of the note, however the color is a bit off. The security thread which runs down just off-center on the left of the note is clearly printed and not gold foiled on the note.

Every time dealing with the seller is the same. You contact him and tell him you got fake notes. He's hard to get a hold of as he uses a Google Voice number, isn't very responsible to e-mail and puts a fake address on his packages. After finally getting a hold of him he will tell you to open a dispute with your credit card company, even though his website says clearly at the top 100% money back gurantee no questions asked.

Finally after contacting his local police department, the postal inspector and Shopify he may issue a refund if you're lucky. I'm sure this guy has scammed hundreds of people, it's just most people probably aren't going to put up too much of a fight over $40 and many people if it's their first purchase may not know the difference.

While I would love to see this scammer go down so he can't scam anymore people thus far we as well as others taken by his fraud havn't gotten far. After calling his local police department they tell you that they won't take a report since your not local. After contacting Shopify to let them know he's running a fraud on their site they say they don't take complaints but to open a credit card dispute and it's essentially the same thing, they will look into him.

How many people must be scammed for him to have his account shutdown?

Scam Victim One

Scam Victim Two