Where To Buy Iraqi Dinar Options or Reserves?

TreasuryVault Still Selling Dinar Reserves

Many Iraqi Dinar buyers are still looking to purchase Iraqi Dinar layaways or reserves. We have done a few posts on here about why buying reserves is not smart. First off your entrusting someone else to hold onto your Dinar for you which isn't smart. Many dealers have gotten in trouble for overselling reserves, ie they sell 100 Million worth of reserves but only have 10 Million Dinar in stock.

DinarInc, did a conference call shortly after the Sterling Currency Group FBI Raid and described their reserve program they had at the time. They openly stated they did not have enough Dinar to backup all their reserves, but also seemed to say the point of a reserve program is not to speculate but is to pay something off in chunks. They made a comparison to a hardware store selling grills, they said the company doesn't stock all the grills they need because they know they can order more. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with this but for anyone who thinks they are going to predict the Iraqi Dinar Revalue and cash in may be sorely disapointed when they go to buy their reserve and are told sorry we oversold.

Back around last summer DinarCorp, one of the leading reserve sellers was actually shutdown by the SEC for selling unlicensed and unregistered securities and investments. Basically the SEC stated that a Dinar Option was a security and in order to sell a security one must be licensed and registered to do so and certain disclosures must be made. Obviously Dinar Corp was not registered nor were any disclosures made so they were shutdown.

About a day after this happening all Dinar dealers seemed to pull their options or reserve programs down. The one reserve or option program still remaining is Treasury Vault. I'm assuming that they have consulted with attourneys and crafted the program in such a way it falls within the law, but realize if someday they were shutdown, just like Sterling Currency Group, any customers sitting on reserves at that time will basically lose their money.

So the moral of the story, you probably shoudln't buy reserves in the first place but if you still want to buy reserves Treasury Vault seems to be the last one selling them.