Where Can I Cash In My Iraqi Dinar? May 2016 Edition

Where Can I Cash In And Sell My Iraqi Dinar?

Do you own Iraqi Dinar? If your like me, you've been sitting on your Iraqi Dinar for a decade. I purchased my first Iraqi Dinar back in late 2003 or early 2004. I'm still sitting on it. Though it may be worth a few hundred bucks more than I bought it for, it's nothing significant.

I personally don't need the money right now and having sat on it for going on almost 12 years, I'm not ready to part with it just to make a couple hundred bucks. That said if I needed the money I'd liquidate it in a second. 

If your sick of sitting on your Iraqi Dinar however you may be looking to cash it in. And you may be wondering where do I cash in my Iraqi Dinar or where do I sell my Iraqi Dinar?

I decided to write an updated post as it's been a while since our last post about where to cash in your Iraqi Dinar.

Things havn't changed much. Where as years ago banks like Fifth Third, Wells Fargo, Chase, and other large national chain banks were buying and selling Iraqi Dinar, that is not the case today. I have heard that some smaller community banks and credit unions were still buying Iraqi Dinar. I believe Travelex Currency Exchange also buys in Iraqi Dinar, however I believe it's only at one or two of their locations in the whole country. I believe it's Cleveland and Minneapolis Airport. It's not a great rate however, I believe last I heard they were paying about $560 per million. You can actually do quite a bit better than that even selling to an Iraqi Dinar broker or dealer. 

If your looking to cash out your Iraqi Dinar you have a few choices. You could sell to one of the dozen or so Iraqi Dinar dealers out there. Things have changed a bit over the years. A few years ago many dealers would only buy back from their own customers ie if you purchased from Currency Liquidator you could not sell your currency to Sterling Currency Group. Many dealers however have loosened up on those types of policies and are buying back from customers regardless of where they purchased from. 

If your looking to sell to a dealer a few we've heard about. DinarInc aka XChange of America aka TampaDinar aka Dinar Trade today is probably one of the largest and most reputable Iraqi Dinar dealers out there. They actually have physical locations across the country, many of them being in malls. YOu can actually physically go into one of their stores to sell your Dinar. Now just so your aware they won't pay you out on the spot, they are required to send the Dinar to their corporate headquarters in Stuart, Florida to be authenticated before you are paid out but none the less I know some people are more comfortable walking in and dealing with someone in person as opposed to just sending thousands of Dollars worth of Dinar to some nameless faceless company they've never met before.

We've also heard pretty good things about Deal or Buy Dinar, some of our readers have also commented that BuyIQD offers one of the fastest payouts in the industry typically sending checks out the same afternoon they receive your currency and if you opt for the Expedited Return shipping you could literally have your currency the next day. SafeDinar also has a pretty seemless operation and a very quick payout as well. 

If your not happy with dealer prices, which currently are probably hovering around $700, you could always opt to sell your Iraqi Dinar yourself on a Dinar Forum like DinarVets buy and sell section, on Craigslist, or on a site like eBay. You can probably squeeze out a few more bucks. I believe going price on eBay currently is about $800 to $900, however keep in mind you will owe eBay 6% in final value feees and Paypal another 2.9% plus 0.30 cents in order for processing the transaction for you. 

As you can see, things havn't really changed, you pretty much have the same options for cashing out your Iraqi Dinar.