TNT Tony's Brother Ray Doesn't Seem To Have The Pull Tony Had

TNT Tony In Jail - His Brother Ray Fluttering

I personally have never been a fan of TNT Tony, however you have to give it to him, he had the gift of gab. He could put together an audience of people and he could ramble on and on for hours about the Iraqi Dinar.

Like him or hate him he was a charismatic guy. His brother Ray however doesn't seem to have the same pull with the Dinar community that TNT Tony had.

His brother ray is still however "taking donations" lol.

It used to be everything you heard online was TNT Tony this and TNT Tony that. Ever since Tony has gone away to jail and his brother Ray has taken over the show you don't really hear anything about the TNT Show or TNT Intel.

I was just thinking about this the other day and decided to pull a quick Youtube search on TNT Tony and sure enough his brothers call from 4/20/16 popped up. I listend for a few minutes and it just confirmed what I thought, he is not nearly as charismatic as his brother, he doesn't have the audience or the pull with the audience that his brother did.

I think TNT Tony the superfantastic show, is finally dead. Watch this clip below from a recent show and decide for yourself.