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The TNT Team & The Iraqi Dinar

If you own Iraqi Dinar there's probably a 99% chance you've heard of TNT Tony. Well who is TNT Tony? TNT Tony aka Tony Renfro is, or was, an Iraqi Dinar Guru.

Tony is currently serving a prison sentence for a multi-level marketing business he ran years ago. Supposedly it was some type of pay per click program where users would make money off online advertising clicks. Though this happenned almost a decade ago, it just finally went to trial and within the past year TNT Tony aka Tony Renfro was sentenced to prison for his role in the scheme.

Most recently however, and what Tony is most well known for is his TNT Team conference calls and message boards. He ran conference calls and a web forum where he gave "intel" on the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation which was part of what people refer to as the Global Currency Reset or GCR.

The idea behind this is that the Iraqi Dinar currency, and in most recently many currencies with low values against the US Dollar, will revalue, giving holders of the currency overnight riches.

Now great in theory and Tony and others back it up with intel and talk about how much oil and Gold wealth Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries have. The problem with this idea however is that never in recorded history can I find an example of a currency resetting or revaluing.

A few years back when TNT Tony was at his height of popularity the IMF or International Monetary Fund, even came out saying that a global currency reset or revaluation isn't even a recognized financial term. The BBC also did a piece about TNT Tony and his revalution movement.

Now it's been rumored that TNT Tony worked for Sterling Currency Group which has since been shut down by the FBI for allegedly money laundering and fraud. The money laundering charges seemed to stem from shell corporations setup to facilitate the payment processing for Sterling Currency Group.

The fraud charges stem from the government alleging that Sterling Currency Group paid individuals to operate blogs and web forums pushing the idea that the Iraqi Dinar would revalue and make all holding it rich overnight.

Though TNT Tony was never charged in relation to the Sterling Currency Group FBI Raid, many in the Dinar community believed he worked for Sterling Currency Group. Not only did he refer his listeners exclusively to Sterling, he also pushed their option and reserves program which was essentially buying unlicensed and unregistered securities. Similar to stock market options, buyers were essentially betting on the Dinar Revaluing during their option period.

Though there's no real way to nail it down, based on some internet search traffic data, I would have concluded that as much as 30% of people who bought Iraqi Dinar bought it in some part because of TNT Tony's pumping.

Did you purchase the Iraqi Dinar? Have you listened to TNT Tony? What are your thoughts?