TNT Dinar Blog Seems To Be Going Downhill Under Ray's Leadership

TNT Dinar Blog Not What It Used To Be

TNT Tony probably had the largest and most active following of Dinarians. He ran a blog, website, forum, and had weekly conference calls for years. He was probably the most known, and also the most notirious member in the Dinar World.

As most of you probably know TNT Tony recently went to prison. Not for anything having to do with the Iraqi Dinar, but for some type of MLM pyramid scheme type program he ran back in the early 200's. Apparently it had something to do with internet marketing or making money online.

As we know things move slowly through the court system and he was just recently sentenced for this, meaning he had to leave his Dinar flock. He turned things over to his brother Ray Renfro. Ever since that hapenned, the calls, the site, and the forum seem to have gone downhill.

He doesn't have the same charisma and same ability to keep his audience entertained that TNT Tony seemed to have. You don't hear to much about the Superfantastic TNT Tony shows these days. These days it seems like the Guru's who have risen to fill the gap are those like MountainGoat, WSOMN, Stryker, and Frank26.

What do you think about TNT Tony? Were you a listener of his? Did you enjoy his shows? Did you feel TNT Tony knew what he was talking about? Do you miss him?