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There's a number of Dinar Blogspot blogs out there but we strive to have the best. We don't blog about the Dinar revaluing, we blog about relevant information you need to know about the Iraqi Dinar, and other exotic currencies.

We try to provide you with information such as what is the difference between circulated and uncirculated currencies? Is it worth paying a premium for smaller denomination notes. If you guys have any questions which you havn't found an answer to reading our blog, just leave a comment in the comments section below and we'll try to address it.

It seems as of late most people are more interested in the Zimbabwe Dollar and Iranian Rial than the Iraqi Dinar, though the Iraqi Dinar is still a popular currency for buyers to purchase.

What are some of your other favorite Iraqi Dinar Blogspot blogs? Let us know and we'll check them on and see if we can get them to come do a guest blog for you here as well.

Thanks for your support and come back and see us soon.