Sterling Currency Group Updates

Sterling Currency Group Updates

Any updates on the Sterling Currency Group situation? That's what many of our readers are asking us. For a while after the FBI raids Sterling had been posting messages on their website keeping former customers in the loop of what was going on and denying the government's allegations against them.

After just now trying to visit their website, the browser stops you and tells you Sterling Currency Group has not updated their website certificate meaning it's not a safe website to visit. I decided not to advance any further as to not want to infect my computer with any viruses or malware but I'm assuming there is nothing new on the website.

Many of our readers have been contacting us asking if there's any updates to the whole Sterling Currency Group situation. There hasn't really been much info out since our last post on the topic.

The little bit we've heard is that the government seems to have started auctioning off some of Sterling Currency Group's property as well as some of the officers of the companies personal property.

There was also a buzz on DinarDaily.Net recently where someone posted some court records. Apparently James Shaw and Ty Rhame took a vacation to the Bahamas. Because of the pending charges each were required to put up over a million Dollars to the court to ensure their return to the country. Some on DinarDaily jokingly commented that Sterling was vacationing on Dinarians money.

Aside from that there hasn't been much new to report, though if we do hear anything we'll be sure to post an article. For those of you who are interested in learning more about Sterling Currency Group checkout a site called IraqiDinar.ORg which will fill you in on a lot of the inner workings of the company.