Iraqi Dinar Chat & Dinar Forums - Which Are Your Favorite?

Iraqi Dinar Chat

It seems the chatter online about the Iraqi Dinar has diminished over the years. It seems just a few years ago you could go on DinarVets.Com or DinarDaily.Net and if you asked a question, by the end of the afternoon your comments would be buried pages deep in the forum as there was that much activity going on.

These days you can post a comment or make a few post and weeks later your post is still at the top of the message board. This is because the activity has really died down dramatically.

DinarDaily.Net seems to be fairly active although there's really not much news, it mainly seems to be the same bashing of Gurus and self important guru hunters who now seem to be turning to affiliate marketing dropping links to try to get people to signup for CapitalOne savings accounts so they can earn a kickback.

The whole Dinar forum world is pretty dead these days, not much exciting going on.