DinarVets VIP Program Should I Join?

Should I Join The DinarVets VIP Program

Are you wondering if you should join the DinarVets VIP Program? As with most websites and forums there's often a paid and a free option. The paid option typically gets you more featured content as well as oftentimes extra access to the site owners and bonus materials.

In the case of Adam Montana's DinarVets Forum VIP Package, what you seem to get is access to Adam Montana's weekly chat, as well as some tax planning advice and contacts should the Iraqi Dinar ever revalue.

Is it worth shelling out the extra money? 

Ultimately that is up to you to decide, however it seems like most Iraqi Dinar sites and forums out there are on the downslide. The interest in the Iraqi Dinar is kind of starting to wane and that means web traffic is starting to wane. Many of the people who have become Iraqi Dinar Gurus and many of the people who operate these Dinar websites are not people who are passionate about the currency or the potential global currency reset but are simply internet marketers who decided to cash in on this cash cow we call the Iraqi Dinar. 

I ran the math a while back and someone like Adam Montana of Dinar Vets at the peak, according to my rough calculations was probably making between $15,000 and $25,000 a month in advertising fees as well as VIP Program upgrades. 

I had heard through a past article posted on DinarDouchebags that Adam Montana was a former internet porn marketer, who at some point noticed Iraqi Dinar and related keywords were getting tons of searches. Decided to educate himself on the topic and started a blog, and being the marketing and promotions genius he is was able to garner a huge following in a short time. 

I'm not knocking him, more power to him, that's what most web designers, forum moderators and people who make money online do. My point however is that where as early on Adam Montana was probably much more vested in growing the site and posting interesting and relevant content.

Something I notice about DinarVets and other sites is the people who run the site are seeing that traffic is dropping and interest is dropping. That means that there income is dropping as well and they are not going to continue putting time and effort into a site that is not going to return that time and effort with cash. 

So what does this mean to you as a subscriber? It basically means your not getting that much content, your getting half ass articles, and that most likely in the next 6 months to a year, if not even sooner, the site operators are going to start abandoning their sites and this premium content you paid for is no longer going to be comming out. 

I've noticed a few complaints on DinarVets lately about how Adam Montana has been missing the weekly chats and on the ones he is on or holding they seem to be lackluster and rushed through with little information. 

At the end of the day I personally would opt not to join the DinarVets VIP Program. Reason being I feel the quality of the content and the bang for your buck you may have gotten a few years ago is no longer there. I feel that the site may stop putting out new content as interest in the Dinar continues to wane. And lastly, I don't see the need for all this tax protection promised in the VIP program.

As things currently stand your paying thousands to setup trusts and offshore companies to protect $800 worth of Dinar that you own. Furthermore, if you truly believe in the Iraqi Dinar Revalue and truly believe the ridiculously high rates people say it's going to come out at who really cares if your taxed on 3 Million Dollars at 15% or 30%, it's a lot of money either way. 

All that said I havn't signed up for the DinarVets VIP Program and I don't see myself doing so anytime soon.