DinarTrade Dinar Cashin Locations

Dinar Cashing In Locations

Many people are always asking about locations to cash in their Iraqi Dinar. Sterling Currency Group was known for talking about all the Dinar Cash in locations they had prepared for after the revalue.

If you read the indictments and court paperwork against them, that seems to be part of the reason they are in hot water with the government. It seems the government is alleging Sterling Currency Group was paying a network of bloggers and influencers to convince people the revalue of the Iraqi Dinar was imenent. Furthermore, it seems the government is alleging that Sterling Currency Group not only had no cash in locations, but had no intention of opening any cash in locations, essentially stating that this was entirely to get people's hopes up and to sell more Iraqi Dinar.

The case has not gone to trial yet so at this time these are nothing more than allegations but it seems many Dinar companies have shied away from advertising all their cash in locations.

DinarTrade is the only company with true cash in locations. Not in the sense that the Dinar has revalued and you can cash in, more in the sense of anyone who's been sitting on their Dinar for the past decade and is sick of it can come cash it in and get good old Yankee Greenbacks.

DinarTrade is part of the XChange of America banner, which includes DinarTrade, TampaDinar, DinarInc, and XChange of America. They are probably the largest and most well known Iraqi Dinar dealer around today. In a conference call they had a year or so back shortly after the Sterling Currency Group FBI raid, they talked about how they were trying to expand from being just an Iraqi Dinar dealer to being a full fledged currency exchange like the likes of companies like Travelex and ICE International Currency Exchange. They did begin opening up a number of physical brick and mortar locations across the country and I believe they are getting more into wire services and other services that a traditional full fledged foreign currency exchange would offer. 

So, if your looking to cash in your Iraqi Dinar for riches, this isn't the place for you to go. That said if you've been sitting on your Iraqi Dinar for the past decade or more and are ready to throw in the towel and put that money into a vacation or a new motorcycle, checkout the XChange of America Cashout Locations.

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