Dinar Vets Forum Got A Redesign

The New Dinar Vet

If your part of the Iraqi Dinar community chances are your familiar with the website DinarVets.Com. It's one of the more popular Iraqi Dinar websites and forums out there and was one of the origionals. The site is run and moderated by Adam Montana.

Recently a whole lot of Iraqi Dinar websites seemed to be getting hacked from IraqiDinar.Org to DinarVets to DinarRecaps. Many of these sites went down for a few days to a few weeks. DinarVets was one of them but DinarVets has come back with a whole new cleaner design and format. 

DinarVets has always been one of my favorite Dinar Forums as it always seemed to have the most posting activity and the best people in it. These days however most of the Dinar Forums have kind of died down in posting activity and enthusiasm.

I still check the site every couple days to see if there's any new interesting news or posts but as with most of the sites on the net involving the Iraqi Dinar, activity seems to be down.

The one exception to this seems to be the more secretive message boards and groups such as Stryker, Frank26, and WOSMN. 

It will be interesting to see if the Dinar forums experience a resurgance in interest and activity or if it continues to die down and fall by the wayside. 

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