Currency Liquidator No Longer Selling Iranian Rial

The Iranian Rial Came And Went

A few months back the Iranian Rial was the hottest thing around. Many dealers as well as eBay and Amazon were flooded with Iranian Rials for sale and it was a hot commodity and a tough item to get.

As quickly as the Iranian Rial came on the scene, it fluttered away like an injured bird.

It was amazing how quickly the Rial grew in popularity. Pulling some analytic sales data from eBay and Amazon showed that a single seller by the name of Yuri had sold nearly a half million Dollars worth of the stuff in just a month, and that's just one seller.

Shortly after implementation day when we saw sanctions lifted currency dealers popped up hawking the Iranian Rial. Currency Liquidator was one who seemed to be leading the pack with some of the best prices around as well as a selection of both circulated and uncirculated Rials for sale.

The popularity of the Rial has died down, however we still get e-mails here and there from people asking if we know any dealers selling them.

It looks as if Currency Liquidator does not have any Rials in stock and hasn't had them for quite some time. So who else is selling the Rial?

RialExpress may be a good option. They seem to have decent prices and we havn't heard any negative stories about them.

BuyNewDinar seems to also sell the Iranian Rials however we have heard some negative stories on some of the Dinar boards and calls about them. Apparently they were overselling and had people waiting days or even weeks for their Rial. At one point they basically stopped answering phone calls and customer inquiries and blamed it on a storm on the east coast which had ended about two weeks prior yet that was still the excuse as to why people hadn't gotten their Rials and other buyers seemed to be upset they were told they were buying from a USA supplier only to get packages in the mail from the middle east which were apparently "dropshipped" to them according to some people, basically meaning they weren't buying from a USA supplier.

As there currently doesnt seem to be a great reliable seller of the Rial it may be wise to hold off until a reputable dealer like XChange of America starts selling them before you buy.