Adam Montana's DinarVets Website Can Help You Sell Your Iraqi Dinar

Adam Montana's DinarVets Can Help You Sell Your Dinar

Are you looking to sell your Iraqi Dinar? Sure you could sell to an Iraqi Dinar dealer, you'll be lucky to get $700 though. Another option is eBay, however eBay and Paypal combined will take about 10% of your money with their Final Value Fees and Paypal feels.

Another option is to use Adam Montana's Iraqi Dinar related website and forum called DinarVets. Dinar Vets has a Buy/Sell Section which allows members of the site to post their Iraqi Dinar for sale and sell to other members of the website.

Though they don't handle the transfer or payments, or provide an escrow system, it's sell at your own risk, they do have a method of ranking members on the site. You can see how long someone has been a member as well as their post count, and I believe there's even some type of trust bar which allows members to vet other members who they have bought or from or sold to.

Many people choose to use Paypal to transact these sales as Paypal has a fairly strong buyer and seller protection program. Some people choose to do Fedex COD to send a cashiers check.

The benefits to selling on this platform are that there are no seller fees, and your dealing with a pretty small community of people who have all been on the forum for a while. It's a great deal for both buyers and sellers as you cut out the middle man, ie dealers and brokers, and can transact directly with a buyer or seller yourself.

The negatives to using this site is that your basically on your own to figure out how to handle the transfer or Dinar as well as the payment. There have been a few instances where people paid for Dinar which was never sent or which was mysteriously lost in the mail.

If your looking to sell your Iraqi Dinar however this may be a good avenue to explore.