Current Buy Price if your looking to Sell your Iraqi Dinar

Judging from the various Iraqi Dinar websites, forums, and buy sell sections, there's an uptick in the amount of people looking to sell the Iraqi Dinar these days verse buying it. That seems to have driven the buy price of dealers down substantially.

At some point about 8 months ago there seemed to be a shortage of Dinar. Many dealers seemed to be lacking stock in certain denomination notes or Dinar altogether and at one point buy prices went as high as $1,000 per million Dinar. Today however with supply seeming to outpace demand buy prices seem to range from anywhere as low as $600 per million for circulated Dinar and anywhere from $700 to $725 for Uncirculated Dinar.

sell iraqi dinar
What Current Prices Are For Selling Your Iraqi Dinar

You may be able to squeek out a few extra bucks selling it on eBay, anywhere from $750 per million up to as much as $980 per million depending on how many bidders you get.

Below are some current buy prices of dealers as of February 23, 2015

Treasury Vault
Uncicrculated $725
Circulated $615


Deal or Buy Dinar
Uncirculated $645
Circulated $615

Safe Dinar
Uncirculated $731
Circulated $667

Travelex - Limited Locations

Uncirculated $650
Circulated $600

Currency Liquidator
Uncirculated $700
Circulated $550

Selling on eBay
Uncirculated $700 - $990
Circulated $600 - $750