Up & Comming Crypto Currencies, Same Concept As Investing In Iraqi Dinar?

Many Iraqi Dinar investors also seem to be interested in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other Crypto Currencies. It's not surprising either, Dinar investors are open to high risk high reward and that's exactly what Crypto Currencies are all about, essentially speculating. Buying low and hoping to sell high. In the same way people wanted to get in on the ground floor with the Iraqi Dinar when it was worth nothing and cash out when it hopefully becomes worth a lot, Crypto Currency speculators have the same goals.
Electric VOLT Coin
Electric VOLT Coin 
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many other crypto currencies have started at nothing and risen to some pretty incredible heights. Imagine if you bought Bitcoins back at $5 a couple years ago, or even better at a matter of pennies. Imagine you held  these coins and rode the wave up above $1200. You'd be sitting pretty good right now. We've all read the news stories about the guy who bought $30 worth of Bitcoins a few years ago, forgot about them and remembered a few years later when they were worth $800,000. There's tons of stories like that out there.

I wanted to write this post to make others aware of opportunities in up and comming Crypto Currencies. This isn't to say that it's too late to get into Bitcoin, Litecoin, or others, but let's be honest they have seen a big pop already. Some say Bitcoin could one day be worth upwards of $40,000. Some even say $100,000. That said I'm choosing to get involved in some of the lesser known and more up and comming Crypto Currencies. It's really no different than buying Iraqi Dinar, or Penny Stocks for that matter, spreading your money around and hoping one of them hit it big.

I know many Iraqi Dinar buyers and investors are very interested in Crypto Currencies. I know others are very critical of them calling it a fake currency and calling those who invest idiots. I find this ironic since Iraqi Dinar investors more than anyone should be sensitive to being judged for thinking outside of the box and going for big risk big reward. I laugh when I hear them call Crypto Currency investors idiots. Crypto Currencies though risky and still developing have made people rich. It's well documented people got into Bitcoin early at less than a dollar and cashed out at over $1200. That's a pretty huge profit right there. I've yet to hear of any confirmed stories of a Dinar investor striking it rich with their investment. Well, I take that back TNT Tony claims many are cashing out but we all know that's not true. It does strike me as odd however that Dinar buyers who are called crazy by majority of the general public want to call Crypto Currency investors crazy when at least there's a track record of them making money.

I digress though, the main point of this article was to discuss the idea of getting into up and comming crypto currencies. Because crypto currencies are generally open source code it's pretty easy for a programmer to basically copy the code or copy the program of Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies, slap a new logo on and roll out a new coin. Probably most of these coins will never take off and will fade away to nothing. A few however may break out and become competitors to Bitcoin and other hot crypto currencies.

Now most of the major exchanges don't carry these lesser known and up comming currencies. There are a few exchanges who do however. One I recently started playing around with is CryptoRush.In. You have to be wary with these new exchanges, heck look what's going on with MtGox. That said this is a place to buy up and comming crypto currencies and if you want to be extra safe once purchased move them to a paper wallet on your computer so any issues with the company or website you are buying from don't affect you like has happenned to MtGox users who stored their coins on the site as opposed to a paper wallet.

There's a number of up and comming Crypto Currencies I have my eye on right now. Three of the top  ones are PMPremier Coin, Electric VOLT Coin, and POT Coin. The Electric VOLT Coiin is what I'm most interested in currently. VOLT Coin is being heavily promoted by the Jamaican Bobsled Team. Remember the movie Cool Runnings from our childhood? The underdog Jamaican Bobsled team made the Olympics. Well they did it again this year but didn't have the money to get to Sochi. They wound up getting donations from their Facebook page, the donations were in Dogecoins and other crypto currencies which they turned into Bitcoins and then into Dollars. That's how they raised the $40,000 they needed to get to the Olympics this year. They were also recently on a show which is the equivalent to the late show in the UK pushing VOLT Coin and sharing their story about how they got to the Olympics.

Most of these up and comming Crypto Currencies are pretty cheap. Like I said, many will go to nothing some may go on to rise to huge prices nobody knows. I just recently spent about $170 on VOLT Coin and got over 12,000,000 yes that's 12 million. I figure if I take a couple hundred bucks and spread it around a few up and comming currencies maybe one of them will take off and I'll come out pretty well at the end.

Just wanted to share this info with you as well as offer a quick commentary on how Dinar speculators aren't that different from Crypto Currency speculators.