Adam Montana Of DinarVets FEATURED On Dinar Douchebags Blog...

For those of you who are familiar with the Iraqi Dinar, the Dinar community and the various forums and blogs surrounding the Iraqi Dinar, you're probably familiar with the name Adam Montana.

Adam Montana is one of those love him or hate him characters. Some people love him, sign up for his VIP programs, buy his books, and hang on his every word. Others however call him a pumper, talk trash about him online and make videos making fun of him.
Adam Montana Of DinarVets...What's Your Thoughts?
Adam Montana Of DinarVets...What's Your Thoughts?

Adam Montana runs the website DinarVets. I think Dinar Vets is an awesome website and a great resource. It's not really an Adam Montana rant either as it's a forum and all forum participants can agree or disagree with what they hear on the forum and all forum participants can voice their opinions on the Dinar as well as other issues. I think it's a great forum which brings those of us interested in the Dinar together and gives us a space to chat and congregate.

I am not a member of his VIP group, I havnt' listened to his calls nor really paid too much attention to him aside from just occasionally visiting his forum where it's mostly members views and not his personally so I can't speak to his knowledge on the Iraqi Dinar. I have heard he makes big claims about being Harvard Educated and has secret intel or information on the Dinar.

Though I never really paid much attention to him personally or really even cared to, I always kind of just thought he most likely isn't some expert on the Iraqi Dinar but is an internet marketer or affiliate marketer who found a good "niche" and is making money off it.

Affiliate Marketeres or Internet Marketers are basically just very marketing saavy, very web saavy web designers. They setup sites not necessarily based on subjects they are knowledgable about or even interested in for that matter. They do research and find out high paying keywords and affiliate programs and "niche" areas or subject matters which are high paying and have not much competition and they setup sites and make money off advertising as well as selling add ons and upsells such as books, info packets, receiving special text messages with secret info, things like that.

According to the DinarDouchebags Blog, Adam Montana runs a few porn sites and forums which kind of backs up my initial belief that he's an affiliate marketer.That's not to say he's not knowledgeable about the Dinar, he can talk a good game and knows his stuff to an extent according to people who follow his site so he has apparently educated himself on the Dinar and currencies, but he isn't according to DinarDouchebags any significant economic or finance expert or figure in that community which again, according to DinarDouchebags is some of the claims he has made.

Taking a look at these other sites which DinarDouchebags claims he owns, they are full of dating site affiliate programs and porn site affiliate programs so the guy does have a background in webdesign, affiliate marketing etc. It's my belief he is an affiliate marketer who saw a niche in the Dinar and rose to the top in terms of having a site which brings in those in the Dinar community.

DinarDouchebags blog apparently calls Mr. Montana out on many claims he's made in his books and on his sites and sometimes disputes with facts, othertimes just his belief. Apparently Adam Montana states he's a Harvard Grad. This has not been confirmed and DinarDouchebags writers say "not bloody likely."

DinarDouchebags claim Adam Montana's true identity is James Wolf AKA Wolfyman. Apparentlly Mr. Montana also claims he was one of the lucky few who cashed in on the Kuwaiti Dinar situation. He says not likely seeing as how Wisconsin birth records show Mr. Montana as being born in 1976 which would make him 14 at the time and unlikley he was roaming the streets of Kuwait in a warzone as a teenager.

Adam Montana claims he bought Dinar back in 2004 and DinarDouchebags seems to say this is unlikely. This really isn't that unlikely of a claim. The Iraqi DInar was issued in June of 2003 and was being circulated and sold in 2004. Magazines like Money and Forbes were running articles about the Iraqi Dinar back around this time and Dinar was being sold on eBay even way back then so this claim isn't that unlikely and is very plausible.

Mr. Montana claims he flew to Dubai and made contact with the CBI. This is probably not likely but not impossible and DinarDouchebags doesn't provide any support or facts to dispute this besides saying "bwha whatever". It is unlikely but not impossible.

One claim we do think is probably untrue or a stretch at best is that Adam Montana negotiated a rate with bankers for his VIP members to cash in at. This is very unlikely in our opinion. First off most bankers think the Iraqi Dinar is a scam. Second off, unless someone is licensed to give investment advice they cannot do so and most bankers steer clear of the Dinar for this very reason. Lastly, why woudl a banker agree to a future hypothetical scenario and a rate when the banker doesn't even know A. If his bank will deal with the Dinar in the future, B. If the Iraqi Dinar will EVER revalue at all, and C. Agree to a rate on a hypothetical situation when the banker doesn't even know what his costs will be as a bank to turn over the Dinar after purchasing it. I would liken this situation to someone saying they called Microsoft and asked if the new Xbox...that isn't even in existance yet, will be out and if they will agree to sell it for $300. Of course not, why would they agree to sell something that doesn't even exist yet and that they don't know what the costs will be. It's just silly.

We found this article to be interesting. There's a lot of mystery surrounding who Adam Montana is and if he's really an expert. Though DinarDouchebags blog was informative and interesting many of the points he disputes though I agree with from a common sense perspective, he provides no facts or support to dispute these.

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