Iraqi Dinar Options BEWARE!!! Ebayer "Buds650" Has 578 Million Options For Sale - Believe He Has Over $495,538 Worth Of Dinar To Back It?

If you're a reader to our blog you know how occasionally we'll call out eBayers for having options listed which it's pretty safe to say it's unlikely they can actually cover, meaning if someone is selling a million Dinar for option, they should have a million stashed away to back it.
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

This eBayer "Buds650" has seemingly no history of selling Dinar, yet he currently has 578 Million Iraqi Dinar up for auction for times ranging from 30 days to 90 days.
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

This seller has 7 auctions/listings offering up various amounts of Dinar for 30 day, 60 day, and 90 day options. Below are the listings...
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

23 Quantity - 5 Million Dinar Option - Total Dinar Seller Should Have 115 Million
10 Quantity- 10 Million Dinar Option - Total Dinar Seller Should Have 100 Million
5 Quantity- 20 Million Dinar Options - Total Seller Should Have 100 Million
6 Quantity- 15 Million Dinar Options - Total Seller Should Have 90 Million
4 Quantity - 17 Million Dinar Options - Total Seller Should Have 68 Million
10 Quantity - 5 Million Dinar Options - Total Seller Should Have  50 Million
5 Quantity - 11 Million Dinar Options - Total Seller Should Have 55 Million
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

Total Dinar Of All Buds650 Listings - 578 Million

At Spot Price That's $495,538. More likely at actual dealer prices this would be about $511,530.
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

I can't say with certainty, however I would say it's probably likely this seller doesn't have over $500,000 worth of DInar or 578 Million Dinar set aside in a safe. Shoudl a revalue happen I think this seller is going to have many upset sellers with no Dinar or cash to give to them.
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

If the seller does not have the DInar to back these options it's downright fraud. I hate seeing stuff like this and have contacted eBay urging them to remove Dinar options from accepted listings. Should they choose to continue to offer them they should at the very least require sellers to either have an independent audit done or show proof via incoices they actually are holding Dinar and not just selling hundreds of thousands of Dollars worth of product they never have to deliver and counting on the Dinar never revaluing.
Iraqi Dinar Options On Ebay

Do Today's Iraqi Dinar Investors Have Less Reason To Invest Than Those Back in 2004 & 2005?

This morning I received an e-mail from one of our readers with an interesting question. Do today's Iraqi Dinar investors have less reason to invest in the Iraqi Dinar than those of us who got in back in 2004 and 2005 in the early days of the Dinar?

It's an interesting thought. I don't recall exactly how I first heard about the Iraqi Dinar but I heard about the Iraqi Dinar as an investment. I don't think I ever really thought I would be a millionaire, but the thought definately crossed my mind that it's good to get into things on the ground floor and at the beginning. You want to buy low and sell high and at that time the Iraqi Dinar was trading at about $500 per million on eBay if I remember correctly. Talk about buying low it doesn't get much lower than that.

I think I was in so early the Gurus weren't even around to pump me up with lies and promises of riches but none the less I realized if I got in early and Iraq got their act together there potentially was some money to be made. Now granted here we are almost a full 9 years later and not much has changed. Sure I've made a little bit of money if I were to sell. Though going rates or prices to buy from a dealer are currently about $1020 per million, if I wanted to sell mine to an individual or a dealer I'd probably get about $800. Now granted that's a good $300 over what I paid so money was made however making $300 over the course of almost 9 years isn't exactly something to brag about either. My money would have probably grown more in Silver or the stock market for that matter.

This all brings us back to the question of whether early Iraqi Dinar buyers had more reason to buy than those buying today? I suppose the answer to that question could be both yes and no. Maybe they have more reason because gosh darnit the Iraqi DInar is going to revalue, it's been 9 years so we must be close. I can see some people saying now is as good a time to buy as any because it's close.

Overall though I think the attittude towards the Iraqi Dinar has turned into a pessimistic one. I think even the most fervant Dinar believers have grown tired or rumor after un-fullfilled rumor by TNT Tony and the other Gurus. I think some people have looked at the lack of progress over the past 9 years and looked at the amount of Iraqi Dinar in circulation and have come to the realization it can never be worth the $38 they were promised it would be worth let alone even a couple dollars.

I can see why this reader would say early Dinarians had more reason to invest. They got in at the absolute rock bottom price, they were in early before others, and this was all before the Gurus were pumping people up with rumors. Early Dinar buyers were not all that different from those who got into Bitcoin a few years back when it was only 0.06 cents. Both Dinar buyers and Bitcoin buyers got into something in the early stages hoping and speculating it would go up in value. The only difference however is that the Bitcoin buyer, at least those who were patient enough to hold out for a few years became millionaires many times over where as many Dinar buyers have since sold their holdings or are still sitting on something worth a bit more than their origional investment if only by a couple hundred dollars

Nothing especially groundbreaking here but interesting food for thought. When did you get into the Iraqi Dinar? Early on or have you bought in the last couple years? And most importantly are you still buying today?

Don't Hold Your Breath...There Is No Global Currency Reset Comming For The Iraqi Dinar & Other Currencies

We've all heard talk of this Global Currency Reset. Truth is there's no such thing. The IMF and economists from Harvard and the London School Of Business even say these terms like Global Currency Reset are essentially made up and not part of economic lingo or terminology.

I've heard a number of reasons why a global currency reset is comming. I've heard some though not true, at least use economic terminology and talk a good game as to why one would happen. I've also heard some out there kind of stuff involving aliens and some really out there stuff.

Here's my take on it, and I can't break it down any simpler than this. Look at the currencies people claim will be part of the Global Currency Reset. Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, South Korean Won, etc. These currencies and countries really have nothing to do with each other and nothing in common. The one common underlyng thing about these currencies is that they are all worth nothing and you get a ton of them for even a single US Dollar. I liken it to people who play penny stocks. They often don't understand investing or even the company they are investing in but they can buy like 100,000 shares of this stock for only $1,000. If that stock ever goes to $1 I'm going to have $100,000. Now they often don't investigate the company and realize that the company isn't financially solvent or that the stock has no chance of ever hitting $1 or even that it may be a pump and dump scheme stock but just the fact the possibility to strike it rich is out there overrides all that. I would liken the Global Currency Reset crowd to these penny stock investors.

Basing a currencies value on vague and general comments that they have resources is non-sense. Tons of west African countries have immense reserves of resources from oil to gold to diamons but they are not rich and their currency doesn't have a lot of value. Oftentimes other nations will come in and profit from one countries resources and this could very easily happen in Iraq. Heck it is happening in Iraq with the Chinese. Most of Iraq's wealth is in USD money.

A Guru is a Guru whether they are talking about a Gloal Currency Reset or just talking garbage economics and throwing around fake terminology which makes them seem credible.  Many if not most Dinar buyers cling to it though because they want to strike it rich and because they don't want to admit that the Iraqi Dinar is not going to solve all of lifes problems.

Many Gurus try to claim that the Iraqi Dinar is artificially weak and undervalued, often pointing to the Saddam values, however they fail to mention that those rates were artificially inflated. The idea that the Dinar is weak and will be corrected by a magical Global Currency Reset is just ridiculous.

It's the same story for the Vietnam Dong. People talk about how the Vietnam Dong is undervalued and while I agree Vietnam has some things going for it's future such as moving manufacturing over there and starting to take steps to devalue the currency on their own before it happens for them are good for the future. That said it's not going to make anyone rich. The reason Vietnam's currency is so low is a result of them printing 3 and a half Quadrillion, yes you read that right Quadriollion Vietnam Dong. Just to put that into perspective for you that's about 3,500 Trillion Dong in circulation vs the Federal Governments of the USA's 11 Trillion Dollars. And you thought we liked printing money out of thin air.

I love how people love to ignore the free markets. Generally something isn't undervalued, it's value is what people are willing to pay for it. I see similar things going on with Crypto Currencies right now. Just last night I was reading about a guy who was involved in the Crypto Currency Pot Coin, an up and comming competitor to Bitcoin. He was telling people with Potcoin and Potcoin miners to stop selling their Pot Coins for so cheap, he said they were driving the price down. Someone sternly corrrected this guy telling him to get his head out of the sand. Whatever people are buying and selling it for is what it's worth. If this guys theory was correct and that Potcoin was undervalued and being sold undervalue why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is and buy up all these cheap undervalued coins?

Also, if the coins were undervalued wouldn't others be buying them up as well? Yes they would, that's why the currency is not underalued, this guy simply wants to be able to sell them for more than he currently can, and isn't that true of all of us? Silver right now is $22. I have a monster box of 500 Silver Coins. I would love those coins to be worth $50 a coin instead of $22 but they aren't undervalued that's what people are willing to pay.

A perfect example of how this doesn't play out in real life is look at Argentina. There currencies offical value is something like 5:1 currently. If you go to Argentina however you will see everyone in shops, restaurants, hotels, even cops on the street want Dollars so you can generally get almost 10:1 in the streets. Why? Because though the Argentina Peso has an offical value the people don't trust or believe in that value.

It's amazing how similar Iraqi Dinar speculators are to Crypto Currency speculators. Some may call both groups crazy but at least Cypto Currencies have made people rich. That's a fact, Bitcoin made many millionaires as did Litecoin, Dogecoin, and even some other up and comming coins. Don't buy up and comming cypto currencies counting on being a millionaire but it does happen. The same can't be said about the Iraqi Dinar.

Did TNT Tony Admit On His Radio Show That He Works FOR Sterling Currency Group?

For a long time now many have been trying to find a link or prove that Iraqi Dinar Guru's are linked with and working with Iraqi Dinar dealers to pump up the Iraqi Dinar, push people to buy the Iraqi Dinar based on false rumors, and helping Iraqi Dinar dealers sell Dinar.

To date nobody has been able to find or prove a link existed between Gurus and Dealers. This may all be about to change. It was brought to my attention today that TNT Tony on his radio show made a comment which seems to indicate he works for Sterling Currency Group. A woman called in and was asking TNT Tony how dealers will pay off customers on their reserves or even in just buying back their physical currency. TNT Tony made a comment stating he feels some dealers will have trouble paying people out. He went on to say that he didn't feel this was the case with Sterling Currency Group and goes on to say that he feels they are a good company and since he's been working for them he feels they are well funded and a well runcompany and shouldn't have any issues. He quickly corrects himself and says "I don't work for anybody" but in my experience I feel they are a good company.

Does TNT Tony Work For Sterling Currency Group?
Does TNT Tony Work For Sterling Currency Group?

Now I will give Tony the benefit of the doubt and say this could be a slip of the tongue and that he meant to say since he's been working with Sterling Currency Group as a customer. For example, I may say yeah I've done some work with them in reference to being a customer of someone, however the way it was phrased, "since I've been working for them" I think he may truly work for them.

If you'd like to listen to his whole show or podcast you can listen for yourself by clicking HERE. It's at about the 39.00 minute mark that he makes this comment. This was the TNT Tony show on and what I listened to was a replay of his show from 02/17/14.

TNT Tony has come under criticism lately from both the BBC about his purchasing of Twitter followers as well as by Harvard and London School of Business economists who say his terms and lingo are unknown in the financial community as well as by the IMF or International Monetary Fund who has basically said what his claims are non-sense.

For years people have been trying to prove a link between dealers and gurus and this could be it. This is still pretty early breaking news. It was only a few days ago this call took place and only now are we seeing people discussing this topic on blogs, forums, facebook and other venues.

Now we're not jumping to any conclusions as this is just something TNT Tony said which could have been a slip of the tongue. Also, we're not saying anything negative about Sterling Currency Group they are one of the largest players in the Dinar arena, seem to be a well funded well run company with thousands of happy customers. As we all know there are two sides to every story but I imagine this will spur some investigation and if it is proven that TNT Tony and Sterling Currency Group are linked it could be at the very least very damaging to both their reputations and credibility, if it turns out to be true it could also spell huge legal problems for both of them.

We'll see how this whole thing plays out...

Up & Comming Crypto Currencies, Same Concept As Investing In Iraqi Dinar?

Many Iraqi Dinar investors also seem to be interested in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other Crypto Currencies. It's not surprising either, Dinar investors are open to high risk high reward and that's exactly what Crypto Currencies are all about, essentially speculating. Buying low and hoping to sell high. In the same way people wanted to get in on the ground floor with the Iraqi Dinar when it was worth nothing and cash out when it hopefully becomes worth a lot, Crypto Currency speculators have the same goals.
Electric VOLT Coin
Electric VOLT Coin 
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many other crypto currencies have started at nothing and risen to some pretty incredible heights. Imagine if you bought Bitcoins back at $5 a couple years ago, or even better at a matter of pennies. Imagine you held  these coins and rode the wave up above $1200. You'd be sitting pretty good right now. We've all read the news stories about the guy who bought $30 worth of Bitcoins a few years ago, forgot about them and remembered a few years later when they were worth $800,000. There's tons of stories like that out there.

I wanted to write this post to make others aware of opportunities in up and comming Crypto Currencies. This isn't to say that it's too late to get into Bitcoin, Litecoin, or others, but let's be honest they have seen a big pop already. Some say Bitcoin could one day be worth upwards of $40,000. Some even say $100,000. That said I'm choosing to get involved in some of the lesser known and more up and comming Crypto Currencies. It's really no different than buying Iraqi Dinar, or Penny Stocks for that matter, spreading your money around and hoping one of them hit it big.

I know many Iraqi Dinar buyers and investors are very interested in Crypto Currencies. I know others are very critical of them calling it a fake currency and calling those who invest idiots. I find this ironic since Iraqi Dinar investors more than anyone should be sensitive to being judged for thinking outside of the box and going for big risk big reward. I laugh when I hear them call Crypto Currency investors idiots. Crypto Currencies though risky and still developing have made people rich. It's well documented people got into Bitcoin early at less than a dollar and cashed out at over $1200. That's a pretty huge profit right there. I've yet to hear of any confirmed stories of a Dinar investor striking it rich with their investment. Well, I take that back TNT Tony claims many are cashing out but we all know that's not true. It does strike me as odd however that Dinar buyers who are called crazy by majority of the general public want to call Crypto Currency investors crazy when at least there's a track record of them making money.

I digress though, the main point of this article was to discuss the idea of getting into up and comming crypto currencies. Because crypto currencies are generally open source code it's pretty easy for a programmer to basically copy the code or copy the program of Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies, slap a new logo on and roll out a new coin. Probably most of these coins will never take off and will fade away to nothing. A few however may break out and become competitors to Bitcoin and other hot crypto currencies.

Now most of the major exchanges don't carry these lesser known and up comming currencies. There are a few exchanges who do however. One I recently started playing around with is CryptoRush.In. You have to be wary with these new exchanges, heck look what's going on with MtGox. That said this is a place to buy up and comming crypto currencies and if you want to be extra safe once purchased move them to a paper wallet on your computer so any issues with the company or website you are buying from don't affect you like has happenned to MtGox users who stored their coins on the site as opposed to a paper wallet.

There's a number of up and comming Crypto Currencies I have my eye on right now. Three of the top  ones are PMPremier Coin, Electric VOLT Coin, and POT Coin. The Electric VOLT Coiin is what I'm most interested in currently. VOLT Coin is being heavily promoted by the Jamaican Bobsled Team. Remember the movie Cool Runnings from our childhood? The underdog Jamaican Bobsled team made the Olympics. Well they did it again this year but didn't have the money to get to Sochi. They wound up getting donations from their Facebook page, the donations were in Dogecoins and other crypto currencies which they turned into Bitcoins and then into Dollars. That's how they raised the $40,000 they needed to get to the Olympics this year. They were also recently on a show which is the equivalent to the late show in the UK pushing VOLT Coin and sharing their story about how they got to the Olympics.

Most of these up and comming Crypto Currencies are pretty cheap. Like I said, many will go to nothing some may go on to rise to huge prices nobody knows. I just recently spent about $170 on VOLT Coin and got over 12,000,000 yes that's 12 million. I figure if I take a couple hundred bucks and spread it around a few up and comming currencies maybe one of them will take off and I'll come out pretty well at the end.

Just wanted to share this info with you as well as offer a quick commentary on how Dinar speculators aren't that different from Crypto Currency speculators.

Iraqi Dinar Buyer Has Iraqi Dinar Stolen Out Of Motel Room

I read an interesting article regarding the Iraqi Dinar today. Apparently a hotel guest in Madison, Virginia has reported that a large amount of Iraqi money was stolen from his hotel room.

Apparently the theft happenned back in January at the Red Roof Inn in Richmond, Virginia This isn't so much a theft apparently as the guest left the Dinar in his hotel room drawer after he checked out.

The guest apparently says he left 4.65 million Iraqi Dinar in a drawer in his room. That's the equivalent of about $4,000 at official rates however the man probably paid more like $5,000 due to dealer spreads. When he returned to the hotel to retrieve the money he learned the hotel staff claimed they had not found any money.
Dinar Buyer Has Iraqi Dinar Stolen Out Of Motel Room
Dinar Buyer Has Iraqi Dinar Stolen Out Of Motel Room
This story is both interesting and ironic as it somewhat reminds me of recent reporting on Bitcoin or BTC the online crypto currency. Recently lots of articles have been very negative on Bitcoin because some people have been having their coins stolen. This isn't due to any flaws in the Bitcoin system or problems with the Bitcoin system, this is due to problems with third party websites. People storing their coins on other people's websites. Even the illegal drug bazaar marketplace SilkRoad 2 recently had their whole escrow system stolen. Though the operators of this site apologized and claimed ignorance most users seem to think the site operators stole the money themselves as they said the lack of security was ridiculous and the amount of time it would have taken for the theft to occur should have raised flags with the site owners.

This story perfectly illustrates how Bitcoin isn't different from other currencies. The Bitcoin users who have their coins stolen have them stolen because they are careless the same way this man lost his Dinar not to any flaws in the currency but because he was absentminded and left his Dinars in a hotel room.

Whether it's' US Dollars, Iraqi Dinar, or a crypto currency like Bitcoins, don't be an idiot with your money

Bitcoin Soon May Be Able To Make Purchases At Thrift Shops...Macklemore Would Love This

Soon and very soon shoppers may be able to make purchases at an unlikely place using Bitcoins. That place thrift shops. Macklemore the singer of the hit song Thrift Shot will love this.

Goodwill which is a group of non-profit groups that operate thousands of stores selling secondhand items will have the option to accept Bitcoins in some locations with payment terminals from Revel Systems Inc which is a San Francisco startup.  Revel the merchant processing company Goodwill  uses is adding Bitcoin butons to it's point of sale systems which will be used in 23 Goodwill stores. That's pretty cool.
Bitcoin Soon May Be Able To Make Purchases At Thrift Shops...Macklemore Would Love This
Bitcoin Soon May Be Able To Make Purchases At Thrift Shops...Macklemore Would Love This
Revel has deployed 7,000 terminals at grocery stores, pizza places, yogurt shops and Goodwill stores. They added the Bitcoin option after customers began calling demanding it.

This lends more support to Bitcoin which is currently in a pretty turbulant place. Despite these recent problems with regulations and exchanges many retailers still want to accept Bitcoin because of the demand for it, the free PR it brings, and also because it's cheaper than Credit Card fees. The fees tend to be lower and merchants receive their money faster, no holds like with some credit card merchant processors.

Goodwill Industries International Inc is based in Rockville, Marlyland. They represent over 160 nonprofit Goodwill Stores and each will make their decision over whether they would like to accept Bitcoins. Every day more and more retailers decide to accept Bitcoin and this is good overall for the Bitcoin movement and Bitcoin supporters.