Travelex Currency Exchange Sells Vietnam Dong

Are you looking to buy Vietnam Dong? You have several options. If your bank sells Dong you may want to first check with your bank. Buying from your own bank will typically get you the best price paying between $50 and $60 per million.

Buying from your bank is good, but we wouldn't recommend opening up an account strictly for the purpose of buying Dong as you will be charged monthly checking account fees which will outweigh any savings you save by purchasing Dong at a lower price.

If your bank does not sell foreign currencies or does not deal with the Vietnam Dong the next best option is Travelex Currency Services. They are in most states across the country and in many airports. They have a larger markup than banks but still lower than dealers and their prices are pretty reasonable. Travelex sells a million Dong for about $63. If you buy $600 worth of Dong or more there is no service fee. If you buy less than $600 you will be charged a $9.95 service charge which essentially brings the price up to $73 per million which is about the same as dealers are charging.

Lastly you can buy your Vietnam Dong from an Iraqi Dinar dealer. In the past a Dong cost about $80 per million. More recently however many dealers have been dropping their prices. Going Dong price seems to be around $72 per million with most dealers these days. If you go to eBay you can probably pick Dong up for as cheap as $64.

Iraqi Dinar Dealers now starting to carry Afghan Afghani Currency

There seems to be a new currency being carried by Iraqi Dinar dealers as well as a new currency being sought out by Iraqi Dinar buyers and buyers of exotic currencies. That new currency is the Afghanistan Afghani, the currency of Afghanistan.

The going price for Afghani seems to be about $125 for 5,000. Some dealers are also selling single notes of the 1,000 denomination for about $30.

The Afghanistan Afghani is much more pricey than say the Vietnam Dong where you can pickup a million for $80. The Afghan Afghani, a full million would cost you over $20,000. We'll be doing some follow up posts giving more information about this new currency buyers are flocking to.

Is Fifth-Third Bank Buying Iraqi Dinar?

Occasionally we will hear someone on a Dinar website or message board comment that a particular bank is buying in or selling Iraqi Dinar. The banks typically mentioned as ones which are buying and selling Iraqi Dinar tend to be Wells Fargo, Chase, Fifth Third Bank, and others. Today however we are answering the questions, does Fifth Third Bank buy or sell Iraqi Dinar?

After calling around to a few Fifth Third branches we have learned that no Fifth Third Bank is not currently buying in or selling off Iraqi Dinar. Fifth Third confirms they did used to sell the Iraqi Dinar and I'm sure some of you even purchased your Iraqi Dinar from Fifth Third Bank, however as things currently stand Fifth Third Bank is not buying in nor selling the Iraqi Dinar currency. If anything changes we'll be sure to report back.

Selling your Iraqi Dinar on eBay - The Pro's & Con's

 Pro's & Con's Of Selling Iraqi Dinar On eBay

A lot of Iraqi Dinar is sold on eBay. Not only buy Iraqi Dinar dealers and professional sellers, but as well by individuals like you and myself who are just looking to sell our Iraqi Dinar. eBay can be a great place to sell Iraqi Dinar as it gives you a huge audience not only across the country but also across the world if you choose to do so.

eBay also has a strong buyer and seller protection program which makes it fairly safe for buyers to buy Dinar and sellers to sell Dinar on their platform of eBay, using Paypal as the means of payment. This makes things safe and reliable for both buyer and seller as Paypal is essentially acting as an escrow company for the transaction.

There are however many avenues available to you to sell your Iraqi Dinar which include forums, craigslist, ebay, selling to dealers, or in some cases selling to a brick and mortar currency exchange or a local bank.

In this post we are going to address some of the positives and negatives of selling your Iraqi Dinar on eBay.

risks of selling iraqi dinar on ebay
Pro's & Con's Selling Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

Pro's Of Selling Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

  1. Huge Audience - eBay provides the widest audience of potential buyers possible.
  2. Market Dictates Price - If you sell to a dealer they are essentially the one dictating the price. Sure you can shop around dealers but your only getting a handful of people to determine a price. On Ebay however there are thousands if not tens of thousands of potential buyers so the market itself will determine what your Dinar is worth. 
  3. Safe Transaction - Nothing is 100% failproof, however eBay and Paypal both have a strong buyer/seller protection program which ensures the buyer gets their Dinar and the seller gets paid. 
  4. Convenience - eBay is convenient, you can list your Dinar on your own time, it only takes a few minutes and then it's basically hands off until your item sells and it's time to ship. Selling on Craigslist your fielding e-mails and phone calls, dealing with lowball offers and Craigslist flakes who ask you to meetup and don't show. Plus there's a risk doing large cash transactions in person. Ebay and Paypal handle all of this for you, everything is done on your own time from the safety of your own home.

Con's Of Selling Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

  1. High Fees - Nobody likes paying fees, we get that. Many people complain about eBays fees and it's understandable. That said most auction houses are going to charge upwards of 30% to sell something so paying eBay 6% to sell an item in the coins and paper money section is hardly unreasonable. That said you will be paying eBay 6% and Paypal another 2.9% plus 0.30 cents per transaction. 
  2. Bad Apples - This isn't really a dig on eBay as you're going to find bad apples everywhere whether you are dealing on Craigslist or selling to a Dinar dealer. That said eBay does have some bad buyers who try to game the system and get free merchandise or some who will try to use you as a free reserve or layaway and return an item after 30 or 45 days. Again, this isn't a knock on ebay you'll run into bad apples everywhere in life but it is something to be aware of. 
  3. Limited By How Much You Can sell - Ebay and Paypal both only allow a seller to sell up to $1,000 worth of coins or paper money to a single buyer in a day. For example I can sell you a million Dinar for $990 but I can't sell you 2 million Dinar for $1800. The vast majority of sellers probably don't have much more than a million and most buyers are probably looking for about a million max so this isn't a huge issue, but again, something to be aware of. 

So you've read about the pros and cons of selling your Iraqi Dinar on eBay. Overall it's a pretty good platform to sell and will most oftentimes get you the most amount of money for your Dinar, yes even after fees. Be aware however there are some negatives and risks associated with selling on eBay. Typically the pros outweigh the cons though. 

Which Banks Buy & Sell Iraqi Dinar Currency?

Which Banks Buy Iraqi Dinar? Do Any Banks Buy Iraqi Dinar?

Do banks buy in Iraqi Dinar? Years ago many major national banks such as Wells Fargo, Fifth Third Bank, Chase, and others both bought and sold Iraqi Dinar. Over the past few years however pretty much all major banks are no longer buying in or selling the Iraqi Dinar.

There are occasionally reports on Dinar Forums and message boards about a small community bank in Texas or Florida or other areas of the country purchasing Iraqi Dinar but there are very few and you're pretty much left to call around local community banks and credit unions trying to find someone to buy your Dinar.
Selling Iraqi Dinar To A Bank
Do Banks Buy Iraqi Dinar?
Even if you are fortunate enough to find a bank to purchase your Iraqi Dinar from you or convert your Dinar into Dollars you will oftentimes find their buyin prices are very low, oftentimes around $600 to $650 per million. Typically much less than you could get selling your Iraqi Dinar  yourself on ebay or a forum and even most Iraqi Dinar dealers are paying substantially more than that.

Some individuals are not comfortable sending their Dinar through the mail to a company they havn't dealt with in the past and this is understandable. Some people would prefer to do a face to face cash transaction and not take any chances and that is perfectly fine and understandable but realize that you will probably get at least $100 less for your Dinar going this route and selling your Iraqi Dinar to a bank who buys Iraqi Dinar.

Another problem you may run into is that most banks will only do currency exchanges for their customers so if you don't already have an account with the bank you may be required to open one up to do your transaction. Again there is really nothing wrong with this, however keep in mind with most banks charging monthly service charges if you don't keep a high balance or have a direct deposit you may want to think long and hard about opening up an account just to sell Dinar as it could wind up costing you upwards of $15 a month in services charges, although oftentimes small banks and credit unions don't have nearly as bad fees as the large banks.

The long and short of this is there are very few banks buying in Iraqi Dinar and the few that do will give you a lowball price so you may want to first consider trying to sell yourself locally on Craigslist, selling on ebay as at least you have the strong buyer and seller protection of eBay and/or Paypal.

Why is Small Denomination Iraqi Dinar Cost More Money to Purchase?

Will Small Denomination Dinar Sell For More Than Large Denomination Dinar? Where To Sell My Iraqi Dinar?

If you're looking to sell your Iraqi Dinar whether selling it yourself on eBay, Craigslist, or a Forum like DinarVets, buyers will want to know how much you have, the condition, and the denomination of the notes.

Typically uncirculated Dinar will get more money than circulated Dinar. As far as notes and denominations go, when buying Dinar from a dealer or even off eBay some buyers are often willing to pay a premium price for small notes such as 50, 250, 500, 1,000, etc. That said in the grand scheme of things money is money and currency is currency. Dinar is worth about $866 per million whether its in 50  notes or 25,000 notes. Some buyers however are willing to pay a premium so if you have smaller notes you may be able to squeeze a few more bucks out of your sale.

The Iraqi Dinar 25,000 notes is by far the most popular and most purchased note so it's good to have 25,000 notes. That is what most buyers are looking for and makes for an easy sale. The 10,000 and 5,000 notes sometimes fetch a premium but quite honestly most buyers seem to prefer 25,000 notes so there's a chance you'll actually get less money for 5,000 or 10,000 denomination notes. The price of Dinar really seems to jump up once you get to the 1,000 notes and below. If you have 1,000 notes, 500, 250 or even 50 you should be able to get quite a bit more for your Dinar.
how to sell your iraqi dinar on ebay
Sell Your Small Denomination Iraqi Dinar For A Premium Price On Ebay
This of course depends upon if you are selling to a dealer or just selling yourself on eBay or a forum. On ebay small notes definately get more money. To a dealer you may or may not fetch more money for your small denomination Iraqi Dinar. Many dealers though they sell small notes for a premium when buying in just say Dinar is Dinar. If you work with some of the smaller dealers or a company like Cash For Dinars who specializes in buying in Dinar you can probably get a few more bucks for your small denomination Iraqi Dinar notes.

So essentially we don't really have a cut and dry answer for you. Some buyers want 25,000 notes while others want small notes. Selling yourself on eBay puts you in a pretty good position as you get the largest pool of buyers and are selling in a market where small notes do seem to fetch a premium price.

There are many regular sellers with high feedback who sell small notes on eBay. In the same way you selling an item on Craigslist like furniture are not going to fetch retail price, being an individual seller selling off your personal stock as opposed to a regular seller you may not get quite the price a professional seller would get but by putting together a detailed and descriptive listing with plenty of pictures and offering a fast shipping time you can maximize the amount of money you can get for your small denomination Iraqi Dinar notes on eBay.

If you're considering selling check around with various dealers, see who is offering the best buyin prices as well as if some dealers are willing to pay more for smaller notes. You can then make the decision whether to sell yourself on eBay or sell to a dealer. If you do decide to give eBay a shot typically you only pay fees if you sell so you really have nothing to lose trying to sell yourself on eBay before reaching out to a dealer.

Buying Iraqi Dinar on Craigslist - As Cheap As $600 Per Million

Buying Iraqi Dinar On Craigslist

Chances are you're probably familiar with the classified website Craigslist.Org. More likely as a place to buy a car, hire someone to do some work around your house, or as a place to buy household items. You may not however have thought about Craigslist being a place to purchase Iraqi Dinar currency.

There's actually some great deals on Craigslist. Craigslist is kind of known as a place where "lowballers" go to make purchases. That means if you list an item for $100, your likely to get people offering you $20 to $40 for that item. People kind of know they are going to be nickeled and dimed down and if you list something on Craigslist you know your going to fetch a fairly low price. This makes Craigslist a great place to pickup Iraqi Dinar at discounted prices.

Where as Dinar dealers are charging around $1,000 per million. People selling on ebay are typically charging anywhere between $800 and $1,000 per million. You can oftentimes find Iraqi Dinar on Craigslist as cheap as $600 per million.

Craigslist has somewhat of a reputation as being a sketchy place to buy and sell and having sketchy people. I personally however wouldln't necessarily be scared off from purchasing there. As long as you meet in a safe public place and know how to verify the authenticity of the Iraqi Dinar yourself, Craigslist can be a great place to find some great prices on Iraqi Dinar.

Ideally if you're using Craigslist you should probably just visit your cities own local Craigslist site, however if you're not finding enough listings in your own city you may want to checkout which is a site where you can type in Iraqi Dinar and search all 50 states for that term and listings for sale. This will pull up more sales, however obviously you don't be able to do a person to person cash deal with someone across the country. You can however use Craigslist or a similar escrow type site to make sure both parties are protected.