Where to Buy 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Notes?

Where To Buy Zim?

Seems the Zimbawbe Dollar is all the hype these days. Everyone seems to want to buy some Zimbabwe Dollars for their collection.

The Zimbawbe Dollar is an interesting currency. A couple years back you could buy these notes on Amazon for just a couple Dollars. Fast forward to today and these notes are selling on Amazon for upwards of $99.99.

Even if you go to a currency dealers website you can expect to pay around $70 per 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar note.

For anyone interested in purchasing Zim, if you're confused as to which series and denomination to buy it really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer collecting the 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion notes, there's a large following for the 500 Million and 100 Million notes and some people like collecting the smaller more affordable Billion and Million series notes. 

purchase zimbabwe dollars
Where To Buy Zimbabwe Dollars?

Where To Purchase Zimbabwe Dollars?

If you're wondering where you can purchase Zimbabwe Dollar notes there's a few sites listed below. Some sites only carry the larger Trillion series notes while other sites also carry the smaller notes as well.




Iraqi parliament bans alcoholic beverages

Baghdad – The Iraqi Parliament voted to ban the sale, import and production of alcoholic beverages, while the supporters of the decree said that availability of alcohols contradicts Islam and is unconstitutional, media outlets reported on Sunday.
On the other hand, opponents argue that the vote violates constitutional guarantees of freedom of religious belief for minority groups such as Christians, and emphasized that they will appeal against the surprise decision in the courts.
The ban was a last-minute move by conservative members of parliament, and those who will violate the decree will be fined between 10 million and 25 million dinars.
Veteran Christian MP, Yonadam Kanna, said, “This decree goes against the constitution, which guarantees the freedoms of minorities.”
Meanwhile, Ammar Toma, an MP who voted in support of the ban, declared, “The constitution says you cannot approve a law that goes against Islam.”
Alcoholic beverages are rarely served in restaurants and hotels in Iraq, but consumption is relatively widespread, where small shops selling alcoholic beverages can be found in Baghdad and other cities.

Iraq says to cut 2017 budget gap on lower expenditures, higher oil income

ISIS sells homes of security and government employees in Nineveh

(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – The Islamic State members sold houses belong to a number of security members, professors and government employees in Nineveh province for 25 million dinars per house, Al Sumaria News reported on Wednesday.
ISIS Sells Homes Of Government Employees In Nineveh
ISIS Sells Homes Of Government Employees In Nineveh

The media outlet stated, “ISIS Diwan al-Hisba sold houses belong to security members, professors and government employees for cheaper prices,” pointing out that, “The ISIS sold the houses for 25 million dinars each, while the real price is more than 100 million dinars per house.”
The Islamic State is controlling the city of Mosul since mid-2014, while the security forces are preparing to launch an assault to storm into the city and liberate it from the ISIS grip.


SULAIMANI — The U.S. dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was stable in the Kurdistan Region’s money markets on Thursday (October 13).
Broker Dana Mawlud told NRT that $100 U.S. was selling at 130,150 IQD early in the day, maintaining the same rate as the previous two days.
Mawlud also reported 100 British pounds was at 159,000 IQD, while the euro was up 1000 IQD, which was at 100 to 144,000 IQD.

ISIS forces people of Mosul to use its currency, confiscates Iraqi Dinars

(IraqiNews.com) Nineveh – Iraqi media outlets reported on Monday that the Islamic State prohibited Iraqi Dinar currency from Mosul in order compel its people to adopt ISIS currency.
ISIS Trying To Force Iraqis To Use Their Currency
ISIS Trying To Force Iraqis To Use Their Currency

Al Sumaria News stated, “ISIS confiscated large quantities of the Iraqi Dinar currency from the people of Mosul, forcing them to exchange it with ISIS currency. ISIS gave the residents receipts with the amounts taken from them.”
“The so-called ISIS Sharia Court issued a fatwa prohibiting the Iraqi Dinar currency in markets in the city of Mosul,” Al Sumaria added.
The coffers of ISIS were adversely affected after Iraqi security forces liberated many areas and cities in Iraq.

DinarVets.Com Back At It With Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's)

Talk of NDA's on Dinar Vets - Non Disclosure Agreements

For years there was talk about NDA's or non-disclosure agreements which people were made to sign in order to exchange their Iraqi Dinar currency at high rates or "special" rates.

To our knowledge there is no such thing as "special" rates. A currency is worth what a currency is worth. Nobody gets more money for a currency because they are "in" on some secret, or because they are VIP so to speak.

For the most part these myths seem to have been dispelled years ago, however again today on DinarVets.Com there is more talk about NDA's or non-disclosure agreements.

Here is what the post stated....

Good afternoon, 

My? is in regards to Non Disclosure Agreements. 

From what I have read, NDAs will be required to be signed in order to exchange currency.
It is my understanding that the NDAs will put many restrictions (other than not disclosing info) on us.
According to some info, they are a document to trap us into what the government intends for us
such as labeling us traitor or enemies of the state by getting us to talk to them by asking us ?s
etc. thus enabling the to confiscate our funds along with other requirements mandated by the government. 

Please advise to any knowledge regarding the signing of NDAs. 

Now rumors like this have been circulating for quite a while. It always seems to be someone who knows someone was offered some special rate, or even cashed in at a special rate and had to sign an NDA.

It's the perfect setup for BS. Well yes they cashed in for millions of Dollars, however due to the NDA they are not allowed to openly talk about it so no you can't know the details lol.

Currency can be exchanged at most currency exchanges and banks around the world and in all my experience traveling and buying currencies I've never once been asked to sign an NDA.

Anytime anyone has ever been pressed about who is asking for an NDA to be signed...it's always answered with a vague "they are". When pressed on who "they" are, nobody seems to know.

For all intense and purposes NDA's are completely non-sense and something completely made up by Iraqi Dinar Gurus.