Did You Buy Dinar on Ebay? May Not Have Been From A Registered Seller

 Did You Buy Your Iraqi Dinar On eBay?

Your notes may have been illegally sold

In order to legally sell the Iraqi Dina, or any other currencies for that matter, sellers are required to Register with the US Treasury / FINCEN as a MSB or money services business.

There seems to be some confusion online as to what exactly this means. Being Registered with the US Treasury does not mean a dealer gets their notes from the Treasury. It does not mean they have been vetted by the Treasury. It means nothing in terms of the validity or authenticity of the notes. Being a Registerd Money Services Business or (MSB) simply means a seller has filled out a form with the IRS which states they will follow anti-money laundering laws and report transactions at appropriate levels.

Iraqi Dinar Notes Are Not Registered With The Treasury

There seems to be some confusion online as to whether individual notes are registered. Notes are not Registered with the Treasury. The Treasury does not have a list of all the Dinar serial numbers and who owns them. The Treasury does not know that Bob Smith from Omaha, Nebraska has a Million Iraqi Dinar serial numbers 100282 through 100290.

All the term Treasury Registered means is that the dealer themselves are registered, notes are not registered.

So what's the point of this article? Well a ton of eBay sellers are falsely claiming they are Registered with the US Treasury and that their notes are Registered with the US Treasury.

The only seller who is truly registered with the US Treasury is eBay seller "emory" or "bryanemory". He provides his Treasury Registration number in his eBay listings as shown below...

Treasury Registered eBay Dinar Seller
Treasury Registered eBay Dinar Seller

As we mentioned in a previous post Paypal does not allow currency exchanges or (MSB) or money services businesses to use their services so it's surprising to actually find a dealer who is Treasury Registered on eBay accepting Paypal.

That said there are tons of eBay sellers claiming they and their notes are Registered with the US Treasury. Below are some sellers who claim they themselves,and their notes, are Registered with the US Treasury.

Any claims that the notes are Registered with the US Treasury is false as there is no such thing as notes being registered with the US Treasury. The following eBay sellers are also claiming to be themselves Registered with the US Treasury or their notes being registered, however after searching a list of Registered MSB's we cannot find any Registration for these sellers.

eBay Sellers Claiming To Be US Treasury Registered





Iraqi Dinar Revalue Bank Cashout Stories

 Iraqi Dinar Revalue and Bank Cashout Stories

Don't get your hopes up guys, there was no revalue of the Iraqi Dinar and we don't have any cashout stories to share with you.

Just was browsing the net today looking for any news, updates or anything interesting about the Dinar and stumbled upon Dinar Daily which I've looked at many times before. I'd never however noticed their section called Bank Stories.
iraqi dinar bank stories
Iraqi Dinar Cashout Stories

Now I've heard bank stories in the past but don't really pay attention to them anymore. It's been a while since I've read any so it was pretty comical reading. You can check some out at the link below and we'll also post a few from the TNT Tony calls.

These bank stories are so utterly ridiculous. People talk about the screen. What screens? Somehow everyone who is at the bank with $1.06 on the screen somehow forgot to bring their cellphone or their Dinar or Dong because they were so excited.

Nothing ground breaking here but if you're looking for a laugh check these out.

Bank Story One

I can't believe it. My Wealth Manager at Wells Fargo finally called me and told me that things were happening. He told me to come down and made an appointment for me.

I showed up early and couldn't believe all the cars in the parking lot. Glad I did because I had to park across the street and walk over. I barely made it there on time, but it didn't matter. He had a line waiting for him at his desk. After about 10 minutes of waiting, he saw that I was there and said that I had an appointment and would be next. I got dirty looks from everyone in line and felt a little bad about that. When he was finished with the other customer, he said to follow him and we sat down at another desk that wasn't being used.

I asked him why the bank was so full and he said that this bank is going to be doing exchanges and they just started to do them. I practically fell out of the chair when he said that! I asked him what rates are showing on the screens and he showed me. I couldn't believe what they were. I reached in my purse to grab my phone so I could take a picture as proof and went OH CRAP!. I was in such a rush to get there, I left it on the counter at home.

There live and showing on the screens. I asked him are they testing or pinging the system and he said NO! It's for real this time. I asked him why he didn't tell me to bring down my currency so I could to the exchange before the screens changed. He said that they wont be changing because they are on all the Wells Fargo screens across the US. He said as you can see, the bank is full and everyone here knows about it. He said that the reason he called me down is so that he could set up my accounts so that when I brought down my currency, everything would be all ready to go.

I still can't believe all this is happening at this time. I told him that I will be going to Las Vegas and take some of the classes that Wells Fargo will be giving. He asked from Tony? I said yes! He said that one of the employees from here is going to be going there and giving one of them. She has been working with Tony and is going to be the ones at his Vegas event.

I'm so excited that all this is happening right now. I should of listened to Tony and have been ready and brought my currency with me. It was too late to go back to the bank before they closed, but I'm going to be the first one there in the morning. I wont be able to sleep tonight! 

Bank Story Two

So. Cal. Bank story        
The people that I have shared and coached with our blessing, I call my Birds.  One in particular is a business man in a small community, A beautiful person, both him and his wife.
I see them once a week and today he shared with me that he had just talked to his business wealth manager.
Had asked with him about the RV and his currencies .......half expecting to be shut down .... but ..........

The wealth manager spoke frankly and told him they were aware and trained to his office, but were not allowed to talk about it.
He personally, the WM had to sign several documents and was very unhappy about not being able to participate.
Would be pleased to notify and work with him when its time to exchange and that he had a list 20 other at this time.
And yes ..... naturally I asked for an introduction ................
Be of Joy, Our time is near.  

Is Travelex Currency Exchange Preparing To Sell The Iranian Rial?

The Iranian Rial. We have done a number of posts about the Iranian Rial in recent weeks. The term Iranian Rial is trending heavily on Google trends, lots of Americans are buying and looking into the Iranian Rial. There is still some controvesy online regarding whether the Iranian Rial is currently sanctioned or not.

Travelex Currency Company is not currently buying or selling Iranian Rials, however they have been buying Google Adwords terms in searches for Iran Rial and Iranian Rial. For the past couple weeks if you did a Google search for Iran Rial or Iranian Rial, Travelex would pop up at the top number one spot of paid or sponsored search results. When you clicked the link you were taken to the site Travelex.Com/Rial. Essentially you just wound up on their order currencies page, and the Rial wasn't listed, however why buy paid keywords for a product you don't sell? This leads us to believe as soon as the Rial is no longer a sanctioned currency, if it even currently is were still not clear, Travelex will most likely be selling the Iranian Rial.
Is Travelex Preparing To Sell Iranian Rial Currency?
Is Travelex Preparing To Sell Iranian Rial Currency?

We put a call into a local Travelex store and asked for it. The gentlement working the store said currently he did not have it, he wasn't aware of whether it's legal to sell or a sanctioned currency, he just knew his corporate vault did not carry the currency. When asked if he knew if they had any plans to carry the Iranian Rial he said lots of customers had been asking about it but he wasn't sure when or if they would stock and sell the Iranian Rial.

From what we have gathered from research and others who follow currency it looks as if October 18, will be the official day economic sanctions against Iran are lifted. We don't know for sure what that means but we expect when that date comes it's likely we'll see a lot more currency exchanges, banks, and Dinar Dealers buying and selling the Iranian Rial. There are already several dealers selling them, and a few more starting email lists to be notified as soon as they do start selling them.

Mark October 18, on your calender, it will be interesting to see what happens as that is supposedly the offical day for the waivers and sanction relief for Iran.

Not Many Sites To Purchase Iranian Rial Currently

As we have discussed in several previous posts, there still seems to be some disagreement over whether the Iranian Rial is legal to import, buy and sell or whether the Iranian Rial is a sanctioned currency and illegal to buy and sell. You can read some of our previous posts below.

Is The Iranian Rial Legal To Sell?

Doing a quick search on Google it appears there are only three places to purchase the Iranian Rial after Amazon pulled down all their Iranian Rial listings.. The first is BuyIRR.Com. They accept credit cards which is good. They state on their site however they are not a Treasury Registered MSB. That may or may not be an issue for you, but many people have been told only to purchase currency from a Treasury Registered seller.
Where To Purchase Iranian Rials
Where To Purchase Iranian Rials

The second place to purchase Iranian Rial is IranianRials.Net. They accept Skrill aka Moneybookers payments which is similar to a Paypal but more popular in the UK and outside of the USA. The problem with this seller however, it seems somewhat shady. Where as most currency sellers have a physical address, an email and phone number to contact them and an about us section telling who they are, where they are located, how they do business. IranianRials.Net strangely has no information about the name of the company operating the site, no phone number, and no e-mail address. There is a contact form but it seems they are trying to remain completely anonymous and share no information on who you are purchasing from. This is a red flag and personally I would not purchase from them, I like to know who I'm doing business with, I like to have a way to contact someone to ask them questions about my purchase or to follow up if my order doesn't arrive in time.

The last place and possibly currently the safest and probably cheapest place to buy Iranian Rials would be eBay. If you'd like to view some of the Iranian Rials being sold on eBay CLICK HERE.

Anyone considering buying Iranian Rial should first check the current sanction status and understand whether it's legal to purchase or not before purchasing. At this time despite it being sold by large companies like eBay and Amazon we have not been able to definitively say whether it's a legal currency to buy and sell.

Any Updates on the Sterling Currency Group Shutdown and FBI Raid?

 Update On Sterling Currency Group Dinar Banker Gid & Associates FBI Raid & Shutdown

Over the past few weeks and months we have been fielding a lot of e-mails asking if there's been any updates on Sterling Currency Group regarding the FBI Raid and the shutdown of their company.

As far as we have heard there are not really any new developments nor is there really any new news to report.

Sterling Currency Group Website Still Up And Active

If you visit the Sterling Currency Group website, for a moment the website will load before a pop-up shows up with a statement from Sterling Currency Group. If you would like to read it for yourself you can either visit their website or view the image below which shows their statement. One interesting thing to note is unlike Dinar Corp who was raided shortly after Sterling, but for seperate and different issues, Sterling Currency Group apparently still maintains control over their website and the website is still live, where as Dinar Corp's website is no longer up and active and if you check the domain registration is now registered and owned by the FBI.

Sterling Currency Group Statement Regarding FBI Raid
Sterling Currency Group Statement Regarding FBI Raid

There have not been any more recent news reports than the flurry that came out in the days and weeks after the shutdown, nor has Sterling made any further statements other than what is on their website.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the story we will include some links below, most are from IraqiDinar.Org who has a plethora of information about this issue as well as has posted and simplified with charts government documents.

Court Documents & Additional Info About USA Vs. Sterling Currency Group

USA Vs. Sterling Currency Group

FBI Raids Sterling Currency Group and Owner Ty Rhame's Home

14 Assets FBI Wants To Seize From Sterling Currency Group & Owners

Sterling Currency Group Cash Flow Chart

Sterling Currency Group Criminal Investigation

Court Docket For USA Vs Sterling Currency Group

Looks like Iranian Rials are back up being Sold on Amazon

We reported the other day that Amazon had purged the site of pretty much all currency listings. The Iraqi Dinar is still no longer being sold on Amazon, however it seems the Iranian Rial is back being sold on Amazon, tons of listings up with multiple sellers on each listing.

Iranian Rials Being Sold On Amazon
Iranian Rials Being Sold On Amazon

Now eBay and Amazon typically have so many listings people can get away with putting up prohibited items for a few days but eventually Amazon and eBay clean things up and take the listings down.

It seems for now the Iranian Rial is back up for sale on Amazon, we'll see if it remains up there or is taken down in the comming days.

If you'd like to checkout the listings here they are Iranian Rials For Sale On Amazon

Activity on Iraqi Dinar Forums like Dinar Vets is Way Down

Have you over the years been a member of any Iraqi Dinar forums or message boards? Sites like Dinar Vets, Dinar Daily, Neno's Place, or others?

In years past the message boards were a flurry  of activity. There was always new content, always interesting stuff to read, new discussions. Over the past months and even years activity on the forums has greatly died down.

Years ago if you asked a question or made a post and went to check back later in the day your post would be 3 pages deep in the forum due to so much activity. These days the same stale posts sit on the message board as nobody seems to be posting or answering questions.

Sure some of the flurry of excitement regarding the Dinar has slowed down. Sure most of the basic questions have been answered time and time again, and most of the rumor and mis-information has been dispelled.

It would be great to see more activity and fresh discussions on the forums, however at this time things seem pretty stale with not much news comming out. If you're a member of a Dinar forum and havn't been back in a while go back and stop in and say hi. Even if you don't have any Dinar related questions or even conversation to add stop in to one of the forum and just say hello.