DinarVets.Com Back At It With Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's)

Talk of NDA's on Dinar Vets - Non Disclosure Agreements

For years there was talk about NDA's or non-disclosure agreements which people were made to sign in order to exchange their Iraqi Dinar currency at high rates or "special" rates.

To our knowledge there is no such thing as "special" rates. A currency is worth what a currency is worth. Nobody gets more money for a currency because they are "in" on some secret, or because they are VIP so to speak.

For the most part these myths seem to have been dispelled years ago, however again today on DinarVets.Com there is more talk about NDA's or non-disclosure agreements.

Here is what the post stated....

Good afternoon, 

My? is in regards to Non Disclosure Agreements. 

From what I have read, NDAs will be required to be signed in order to exchange currency.
It is my understanding that the NDAs will put many restrictions (other than not disclosing info) on us.
According to some info, they are a document to trap us into what the government intends for us
such as labeling us traitor or enemies of the state by getting us to talk to them by asking us ?s
etc. thus enabling the to confiscate our funds along with other requirements mandated by the government. 

Please advise to any knowledge regarding the signing of NDAs. 

Now rumors like this have been circulating for quite a while. It always seems to be someone who knows someone was offered some special rate, or even cashed in at a special rate and had to sign an NDA.

It's the perfect setup for BS. Well yes they cashed in for millions of Dollars, however due to the NDA they are not allowed to openly talk about it so no you can't know the details lol.

Currency can be exchanged at most currency exchanges and banks around the world and in all my experience traveling and buying currencies I've never once been asked to sign an NDA.

Anytime anyone has ever been pressed about who is asking for an NDA to be signed...it's always answered with a vague "they are". When pressed on who "they" are, nobody seems to know.

For all intense and purposes NDA's are completely non-sense and something completely made up by Iraqi Dinar Gurus.

TNT Dinar Blog Seems To Be Going Downhill Under Ray's Leadership

TNT Dinar Blog Not What It Used To Be

TNT Tony probably had the largest and most active following of Dinarians. He ran a blog, website, forum, and had weekly conference calls for years. He was probably the most known, and also the most notirious member in the Dinar World.

As most of you probably know TNT Tony recently went to prison. Not for anything having to do with the Iraqi Dinar, but for some type of MLM pyramid scheme type program he ran back in the early 200's. Apparently it had something to do with internet marketing or making money online.

As we know things move slowly through the court system and he was just recently sentenced for this, meaning he had to leave his Dinar flock. He turned things over to his brother Ray Renfro. Ever since that hapenned, the calls, the site, and the forum seem to have gone downhill.

He doesn't have the same charisma and same ability to keep his audience entertained that TNT Tony seemed to have. You don't hear to much about the Superfantastic TNT Tony shows these days. These days it seems like the Guru's who have risen to fill the gap are those like MountainGoat, WSOMN, Stryker, and Frank26.

What do you think about TNT Tony? Were you a listener of his? Did you enjoy his shows? Did you feel TNT Tony knew what he was talking about? Do you miss him?

Iraqi Dinar Chat & Dinar Forums - Which Are Your Favorite?

Iraqi Dinar Chat

It seems the chatter online about the Iraqi Dinar has diminished over the years. It seems just a few years ago you could go on DinarVets.Com or DinarDaily.Net and if you asked a question, by the end of the afternoon your comments would be buried pages deep in the forum as there was that much activity going on.

These days you can post a comment or make a few post and weeks later your post is still at the top of the message board. This is because the activity has really died down dramatically.

DinarDaily.Net seems to be fairly active although there's really not much news, it mainly seems to be the same bashing of Gurus and self important guru hunters who now seem to be turning to affiliate marketing dropping links to try to get people to signup for CapitalOne savings accounts so they can earn a kickback.

The whole Dinar forum world is pretty dead these days, not much exciting going on.

Currency Liquidator No Longer Selling Iranian Rial

The Iranian Rial Came And Went

A few months back the Iranian Rial was the hottest thing around. Many dealers as well as eBay and Amazon were flooded with Iranian Rials for sale and it was a hot commodity and a tough item to get.

As quickly as the Iranian Rial came on the scene, it fluttered away like an injured bird.

It was amazing how quickly the Rial grew in popularity. Pulling some analytic sales data from eBay and Amazon showed that a single seller by the name of Yuri had sold nearly a half million Dollars worth of the stuff in just a month, and that's just one seller.

Shortly after implementation day when we saw sanctions lifted currency dealers popped up hawking the Iranian Rial. Currency Liquidator was one who seemed to be leading the pack with some of the best prices around as well as a selection of both circulated and uncirculated Rials for sale.

The popularity of the Rial has died down, however we still get e-mails here and there from people asking if we know any dealers selling them.

It looks as if Currency Liquidator does not have any Rials in stock and hasn't had them for quite some time. So who else is selling the Rial?

RialExpress may be a good option. They seem to have decent prices and we havn't heard any negative stories about them.

BuyNewDinar seems to also sell the Iranian Rials however we have heard some negative stories on some of the Dinar boards and calls about them. Apparently they were overselling and had people waiting days or even weeks for their Rial. At one point they basically stopped answering phone calls and customer inquiries and blamed it on a storm on the east coast which had ended about two weeks prior yet that was still the excuse as to why people hadn't gotten their Rials and other buyers seemed to be upset they were told they were buying from a USA supplier only to get packages in the mail from the middle east which were apparently "dropshipped" to them according to some people, basically meaning they weren't buying from a USA supplier.

As there currently doesnt seem to be a great reliable seller of the Rial it may be wise to hold off until a reputable dealer like XChange of America starts selling them before you buy.

TNT Tony The_TNT_Team

The TNT Team & The Iraqi Dinar

If you own Iraqi Dinar there's probably a 99% chance you've heard of TNT Tony. Well who is TNT Tony? TNT Tony aka Tony Renfro is, or was, an Iraqi Dinar Guru.

Tony is currently serving a prison sentence for a multi-level marketing business he ran years ago. Supposedly it was some type of pay per click program where users would make money off online advertising clicks. Though this happenned almost a decade ago, it just finally went to trial and within the past year TNT Tony aka Tony Renfro was sentenced to prison for his role in the scheme.

Most recently however, and what Tony is most well known for is his TNT Team conference calls and message boards. He ran conference calls and a web forum where he gave "intel" on the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation which was part of what people refer to as the Global Currency Reset or GCR.

The idea behind this is that the Iraqi Dinar currency, and in most recently many currencies with low values against the US Dollar, will revalue, giving holders of the currency overnight riches.

Now great in theory and Tony and others back it up with intel and talk about how much oil and Gold wealth Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries have. The problem with this idea however is that never in recorded history can I find an example of a currency resetting or revaluing.

A few years back when TNT Tony was at his height of popularity the IMF or International Monetary Fund, even came out saying that a global currency reset or revaluation isn't even a recognized financial term. The BBC also did a piece about TNT Tony and his revalution movement.

Now it's been rumored that TNT Tony worked for Sterling Currency Group which has since been shut down by the FBI for allegedly money laundering and fraud. The money laundering charges seemed to stem from shell corporations setup to facilitate the payment processing for Sterling Currency Group.

The fraud charges stem from the government alleging that Sterling Currency Group paid individuals to operate blogs and web forums pushing the idea that the Iraqi Dinar would revalue and make all holding it rich overnight.

Though TNT Tony was never charged in relation to the Sterling Currency Group FBI Raid, many in the Dinar community believed he worked for Sterling Currency Group. Not only did he refer his listeners exclusively to Sterling, he also pushed their option and reserves program which was essentially buying unlicensed and unregistered securities. Similar to stock market options, buyers were essentially betting on the Dinar Revaluing during their option period.

Though there's no real way to nail it down, based on some internet search traffic data, I would have concluded that as much as 30% of people who bought Iraqi Dinar bought it in some part because of TNT Tony's pumping.

Did you purchase the Iraqi Dinar? Have you listened to TNT Tony? What are your thoughts?

Dinar Vets

Dinar Vets

Dinar Vets is a website run by Adam Montana. Unlike many Iraqi Dinar sites which are just blogs, the unique thing about Dinar Vets is that it's a forum. It allows Iraqi Dinar buyers and those who follow the Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Indonesian Rupiah, Zimbabwe Dollar and other currencies to connect with each other, chat, and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Dinar Vets has a number of different categories from news to rumors, to opinions. The site also showcases a Buy/Sell section where members can buy, sell, and trade currencies among one another. Though there's no rating system or escrow system most members of the site are longtime members and it's a fairly trustworthy place to conduct buys and sells of currency.

Adam Montana, the site owner has caught some flack over the years for being a Dinar Guru, and many people complain about Adam as nothing more than an internet marketer trying to make money off members.

Personally I have to disagree with this. I don't view Adam Montana as a Guru, he's just a site operator who puts together the site. That said I'm not part of the VIP sub-forum on DinarVets so I can't really speak to what is discussed there.

If your looking for a site to connect with other likeminded people who are interested in the Iraqi Dinar and other exotic currencies I highly suggest you check out the website DinarVets.Com.

Sterling Currency Group Updates

Sterling Currency Group Updates

Any updates on the Sterling Currency Group situation? That's what many of our readers are asking us. For a while after the FBI raids Sterling had been posting messages on their website keeping former customers in the loop of what was going on and denying the government's allegations against them.

After just now trying to visit their website, the browser stops you and tells you Sterling Currency Group has not updated their website certificate meaning it's not a safe website to visit. I decided not to advance any further as to not want to infect my computer with any viruses or malware but I'm assuming there is nothing new on the website.

Many of our readers have been contacting us asking if there's any updates to the whole Sterling Currency Group situation. There hasn't really been much info out since our last post on the topic.

The little bit we've heard is that the government seems to have started auctioning off some of Sterling Currency Group's property as well as some of the officers of the companies personal property.

There was also a buzz on DinarDaily.Net recently where someone posted some court records. Apparently James Shaw and Ty Rhame took a vacation to the Bahamas. Because of the pending charges each were required to put up over a million Dollars to the court to ensure their return to the country. Some on DinarDaily jokingly commented that Sterling was vacationing on Dinarians money.

Aside from that there hasn't been much new to report, though if we do hear anything we'll be sure to post an article. For those of you who are interested in learning more about Sterling Currency Group checkout a site called IraqiDinar.ORg which will fill you in on a lot of the inner workings of the company.